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The future of ER scheduling for physicians using scheduling software

Posted on 6/28/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Physician scheduling is a notoriously difficult and painstakingly slow job when it’s done via spreadsheets or by pen and paper. There are many factors to take into consideration such as vacations, availability and ensuring fair shift allocations.

Using physician scheduling software is a time sensitive and accurate method of ensuring your staff don’t burn out while making sure all shifts are covered. The software helps you to have the correct complement of staff scheduled on busy days, also helping you to arrange adequate staff cover on all “normal” days in your medical facility. Better analytics help your department to stay ahead and be prepared for any eventuality.

Happier Staff

The backbone of any good medical team is having happy and relaxed staff. ER scheduling software helps you allocate shifts fairly. Unfair shift allocation is an all too common complaint within medical teams. When you use emergency medicine scheduling software to allocate a fair workload, staff morale is heightened. Consequently, your team is more productive and positive in general.

Reducing Patient Wait Times

Another positive aspect of scheduling software is that your patients have minimal wait times for medical treatment and procedures. When patient wait times are shorter, you have less trouble hitting your targets.

Tracking Crucial Data

Following on from reducing patient wait times, you can use your shift scheduling software to track your physician’s work. You can track the times when it’s likeliest you have a need to call in more staff to cover the number of patients presenting at your facility by studying data collated by the software.

After a while, it is easy to spot and to reduce trends in wait times.

You Never Have Staffing Issues

Being short staffed is one of the most common problems to hit a busy medical facility, and particularly for a hectic ER department. For example, if a physician suddenly gets sick and is needed to be replaced as soon as possible or more doctors are needed because of a local widespread trauma. Perhaps your unit is busier than you initially anticipated and you haven't scheduled as many staff as you need to cope with the workload. These types of issues are easily fixed by having physician scheduling software in place.

No matter your issue, software is an integral part of running a modern medical hospital, office or practice. Staff can stay aware of their shifts and any changes to them simply by accessing their schedules via their computer, cell phone or any other internet compatible device.

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