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Top features of the best shift scheduling software for emergency physicians

Posted on 5/3/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Shift scheduling is one of a manager's most time-consuming tasks during the week. It can also be one of the most disorganized, particularly if it involves printing out templates and roster pages and taking into account employee scheduling notes and reminders. Multi-tasking becomes the norm for you while you’re trying to get the schedule prepared for your emergency personnel employees and perform your other job responsibilities concurrently.

Thankfully, there is now scheduling software that can help. Some of the top features of emergency medicine scheduling software include:

More Scheduling Flexibility

Your doctors and other staff members can now drop, pick up, and swap shifts without having to wait for your approval. You can work with the software to allow you to come up with a schedule that shows all the available open shifts, allowing your employees more flexibility in requesting their shifts. This is a critical function in the healthcare industry since giving physicians more flexibility in their work life keeps them happy and productive while taking into account quality patient care.

Ability to Schedule for Multi-Location Healthcare Facilities (healthcare networks)

Emergency medicine scheduling software allows you to coordinate the schedule more effectively with real-time updates, online schedule access, and instant communication between multiple locations. Communicate with all your health systems, including in-network hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and more knowing which employees are working, which employees canceled and when. You can:

- Create work schedules for the entire hospital, specific units or an integrated network
- Designate and define allowed work locations for your organization
- Know where all your doctors are from one main computer without having to flip through a handful of pages to see who is on call, who's absent or who's working overtime
- Gain visibility into cost data and scheduling activities for a specific location, groups of locations or all locations using standard reports
- You're provided with automated shift alerts for all locations, every time.

Web-Based Platform

Since your schedule is web-based, you can essentially carry it in your pocket. Apps are available for iPhones, Androids, iPads and more to manage your workforce from any location. Share updates and even create a social space for employees to interact.

Eliminate Conflicts

Avoid schedule conflicts with notification of time off requests, employee availability and alerts for double-booking or overlapping shifts.

Shift Confirmations

Shift scheduling software allows you to confirm when your staff shows up, when your staff leaves early and when your staff comes in late. Being able to track these things can help you track your employees' performance and build weekly reports accurately based off time clock and schedule data for accounting.

With physician scheduling software, you can build a schedule without having to rebuild it each time there is a request from an employee like time off, shift swap or other shift changes. This improves the overall efficiency of your entire healthcare department and network as a whole.

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