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Top ten physician scheduling software features

Posted on 6/27/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Physician scheduling can be problematic when dealing with multiple physicians who play various roles at different medical facilities. That is why physician scheduling software is more critical today than ever. It allows for seamless physician scheduling whether you’re responsible for emergency medicine scheduling or shift scheduling at a private clinic, or some combination of the two.

These are a few of the features users love when it comes to software for physician scheduling.

- Flexible scheduling allows you to define your shifts and types of days.
- Ability to change slow days or shifts to match busy days or shifts.
- Automatically tracks shifts to avoid consecutive shifts or overlapping shifts (and accommodate commute times between shifts when working at different locations).
- Accepts classifications for preferred, desired, and disliked shifts as well as conflicts that might interfere with a physician’s ability to complete a shift.
- Maintains scheduling for multiple locations, facilitating physician schedules with other locations to reduce conflicts.
- Printable schedules and automated syncing with multiple calendars (iCalendar, Google Calendar, etc.).
- 24/7 access online and via mobile devices to personal schedules for physicians with accurate recording of shift or schedule changes that may occur.
- Automated notifications of schedule publishing and changes made to schedules.
- Allows physicians to change availability when traveling for work to conferences, in-service training, etc. and to request time off for vacations and other personal events.
- Provides physicians with opportunities to split, trade, or give shifts away to accommodate last-minute scheduling needs and personal demands on their time.

For those responsible for scheduling physicians, the features above can be real sanity savers as it helps you accomplish in a matter of minutes what once took days or even weeks to master when scheduling by hand. This is especially the case when coordinating with multiple physicians who have many demands on their time and private practices, such as career-related travels, teaching responsibilities, educational requirements, private practice commitments, family times and commitments, holidays, and other life events.

Choosing the right physician scheduling software can make your job infinitely easier while ensuring your healthcare facility is adequately staffed with physicians and other key members of your medical team for all shifts. These are some of the features that make it happen for your facility.

Take a serious look at Byte Bloc scheduling software for emergency physicians and health care providers. The software is tailored to meet the specific needs and complexities of your organization and a fit-like-a-glove fashion. With 24/7 availability, mobile accesses, and the ability to swap and switch shifts, your staff will love the convenience of the software and you will love the efficiency it adds to your healthcare organization. And if your practice is part of a network involving multiple locations, your love the synchronized calenders across multiple locations.

Request a ByteBloc software demo today.

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