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Using emergency room physician scheduling software to reduce healthcare provider costs

Posted on 1/23/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Emergency room physician scheduling software can be instrumental in helping you reduce healthcare provider costs for your facility. These are just a few great ways you can cut costs without cutting corners when it comes to physician scheduling.

Save Time in the Scheduling Process

Time is one of the biggest expenses emergency healthcare providers face. Especially time related to managing physician scheduling. There is the time invested in creating the scheduling that often requires multiple back and forth emails, phone calls, faxes, voice mail messages, etc. and then time spent adjusting the schedule for various emergencies, physician scheduling conflicts, unexpected days off requests, and more that arise once the schedule is complete.

With shift scheduling software, emergency departments save money by automating the entire process, freeing up administrative time to devote to other cost-saving measures for your facility, such as investigating and making supply chain improvements, reducing billing errors, streamlining operations, and more.

Improve Productivity of All Emergency Department Staff

When physicians operate more efficiently, the entire department does as well. Not only that, but patients can receive better care as a result. Automated scheduling tools allow physicians to know well in advance what their work schedules look like and offers them the ability to have some control over their hours when they need to trade days, hours, or weekends with other physicians.

This reduces frustration with the job allowing them to focus more on the tasks at hand rather than missed family time, scheduling conflicts, etc. The long and short of it is that your physicians are happier when you use emergency medical scheduling software which makes them more productive, happier, and less likely to leave.

All of this can reduce your costs in replacing unhappy physicians, scheduling unnecessary physicians, and paying overtime for nursing staff and other support personnel held over by physicians who are continuously falling behind.

Eliminate Unnecessary Overtime and Locum Tenens Replacements

Overtime is costly when necessary. Unfortunately, it isn’t nearly as expensive as hiring locum tenens replacements to cover last-minute physician shortages for your emergency room. Shift scheduling software cannot completely eliminate the need for emergency backup physicians or the occasional overtime requirements. It can, however, reduce the need by providing physicians with a better work-life balance, more reliable options to plan ahead for scheduling conflicts, and the power to work with one another to solve problems before resorting to calling out. It can also help to get a handle on physician burnout, which is so prevalent in emergency departments and hospitals across the nation.

With all these cost-cutting factors involved in using emergency medicine scheduling software for your emergency department, now is the perfect time to make the change. Let 2019 be the year you implement emergency room physician scheduling software to reduce your healthcare provider costs.

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