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Using scheduling software for a physician assistant

Posted on 9/18/2014 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
The physician assistant is a vital asset for many medical facilities. Unfortunately, managing their schedules can be problematic – especially in larger medical centers and hospitals. The more physicians and assistants you must manage, the more challenging your job becomes.

This is true even if you’re only managing the physician scheduling for one department and not the entire facility. From emergency medicine scheduling to simple shift scheduling software provides an option that’s convenient, effective, fast, and easy to use – even with tricky physician assistant schedules.

The Role of PAs in the Medical Workplace

Physician’s assistants are critical members of an effective medical team. They have been trained and are able to diagnose illnesses, examine patients, order therapies, counsel patients, order x-rays, labs, and other treatments, prescribe medications, and perform (and assist in) surgeries freeing up doctors to deal with complex diagnoses and act in supervisory roles.

For medical facilities, it’s a great way to reduce the dependence on physicians who, incidentally, demand higher salaries for their time, while continuing to provide a consistent level of care to all patients.

Of course, this only works if there are no scheduling mix ups leading to overtime hours, understaffed shifts, overstaffed shifts, and the need to bring in costly hourly PAs to cover shifts at the last minute. Which is where shift scheduling software comes into play.

Managing Your Physician Scheduling Needs

The physician schedule is the cornerstone of most medical practices. Without adequate shift coverage by qualified physicians everything else will come to a grinding halt.

Getting all the pieces and parts, from physicians, to PAs, to nurses, and other support personnel, putting the schedule together can seem about as simple as, well, walking on water. To get all parts working together without any hiccups in the first go-round is probably as miraculous.

The schedule is a cumbersome burden for one staff member to bear and it can feel more like an intricate puzzle box as you twist and turn it, this way and that, to get all the pieces to fit together properly without leaving one shit exposed or another one with a little too much coverage.

Then there are the requests, the complaints, and the endless phone calls to give out schedules by people who aren’t on-duty when the schedule is released. It’s enough to make you want to pull out your hair.

But, it can get easier. In fact, there is software that does all the heavy lifting for you. It even sends out alerts when the schedule is live informing physicians, PAs, and other staff members that the schedule is ready and available for them to download onto their favorite calendar program.

The software is on-call 24-hours a day leaving your staff the freedom to attend to more pressing and profitable matters while keeping your physician’s assistants and doctors on schedule and informed every step of the way. This leads to happier PAs, improved job satisfaction, and fewer turnovers in the workforce – a real win for your medical facility.

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