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What are the best features of medical staff scheduling software

Posted on 5/22/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you and your doctors could have easy access to schedules so everyone could stay equally informed without having to be in the office? Having the ability to customize the doctor schedule automatically can take the stress of your staff and reduce misunderstandings and late come-ins that could be critical in the type of human life-saving environment you work in. This can all be obtained by implementing shift scheduling software.

Here are just some features of medical staff scheduling software.

Web Scheduling System

Physician scheduling software provides you with a web scheduling system. With today's high tech world, being able to access the schedule online from anywhere and at any time is a huge convenience to both you and your staff.


Scheduling software is highly customizable. Customize the software with specific rules. Increase efficiency with customization for unique doctor scheduling workflow.

Variety of Day Types

Emergency medicine scheduling software provides you with a variety of day types, which may include:

- Flexible multi-week, one month or one through various week schedules
- Defining your shifts (i.e. night, day, call, swing, weekends)
- Changing slow day shifts to match busy days

Shift Classifications

This feature automates shift relationships to prevent successive shifts. It allows for doctor cycle scheduling. You can classify shifts as Desire, Prefer, Conflicts or Dislike. And, you can record the sequence of shifts, desired shifts, shift types and more.

Multi-Location Ability

The multi-location feature allows for coordinated, simultaneous scheduling across multiple locations. You can customize summary statistics by doctors or sites. You can customize fonts, print layout or pages. There's payroll support for rate variations and categories. Even print schedules with a calendar appearance. This a great feature for network organizations that have providers working at various location sites.

Online and Mobile Access and 24/7 Real-Time Updates

You and your physicians have 24/7 online access to schedules through mobile access or computers. You can maintain an up-to-date, accurate schedule and set the software for automatic notification when you publish the schedules or schedule changes. Synchronize across multiple devices and send reminders through text messaging and email.

Shift Preferences and Time Off Requests

Handle time off requests with ease. Define whatever the number of unpaid and paid time-off reasons as you like. You can see who isn't working and why. Then drag and drop that reason into your schedule planner to add when a physician is off work. Access reports that provide details on training, planned vacations and time off hours.

Shift Swaps

Let your doctors trade, swap, split or give away shifts easily. This function can be performed through a mobile app or online, and providers can view schedule changes instantaneously and in real time from their smartphones, tablets or computers.

These are only some of the best features of physician scheduling software. When you implement medical staff scheduling software in your hospital or clinic, you find these benefits and so much more.

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