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What are the features of the best hospital scheduling software

Posted on 9/23/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Hospital scheduling software provides you with real-time data at your fingertips. When you know physician preferences for certain days, availability of qualified staff, regulatory and union requirements, units and shifts, and more, it makes shift scheduling so much easier. With emergency medicine scheduling, you have the necessary tools at hand to regulate ratios, keep track of staff reports, and all other demands healthcare services must meet with their scheduling system. It offers you an ideal system for better staff scheduling. Here are some of the main features of physician scheduling software.

1. Powerful Scheduler and Customizer

Physician scheduling software is extremely powerful, making schedule customization very simple. Once you configure the system to your specifications, it becomes much simpler to create a schedule and it becomes as simple as pushing a button. Hospital scheduling software simplifies schedule creation and management and accurate payroll information generation, which allows you to automate your scheduling tasks from start to finish.

2. Shift Classifications and Shift Relationships

With this feature, it allows you to:

• Automate shift relationships for consecutive shift avoidance
• Implement physician cycle scheduling
• Classify shifts as Desire, Prefer, Conflicts or Dislike
• Record preferred shifts, shift types, the sequence of shifts, etc.
• Create distinct shift relationships models

3. Requests for Future Time Off and Shift On/Off

Physician scheduling software lets you view shift requesters and availability and allow for online requests of time off, shifts, and vacations. You can record shift preferences such as wish off, need off, etc. You can enter future shift requests and confirm requested shifts too. Physicians and other health care staff providers are very appreciative of this feature of the best hospital scheduling software.

4. Create Multi-Location Scheduling with Advanced Features

With shift scheduling software, you can:

• Coordinate schedules simultaneously across all locations
• Print schedules with a calendar appearance
• Customize summary statistics by providers or sites
• Have payroll support for rate variations and categories

This is a must-have feature when your facility is part of a network, and physicians and providers work at multiple locations within the network.

5. Flexible Schedules with Various Day Types

Scheduling software allows for flexible multi-week, one month, or 1-15 week schedules. It allows for easy viewing through the use of shift abbreviations. You can define the shifts (i.e. night, day, call, swing, weekends) as well as define which days should be counted as days of the weekend. If it's a slow day, you can change shifts to match busy days.

Emergency medicine scheduling software could help your hospital streamline its processes, translating to stress-free staffing, better patient care, more accurate schedules, and better contact between staff and management while ensuring your physicians' needs are ultimately exceeded and met.

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