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What are the most popular emergency medicine scheduling software features

Posted on 8/19/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
With the complexity of the physician shift scheduling process and all the different rules, you might be finding yourself pulling your hair out to generate the best schedule possible for your doctors and other staff members. With time-off requests, shift swaps, vacations, and more, coming up with the ideal rule-based schedule takes a little know-how.

Fortunately, emergency department scheduling software allows you to implement a whole range of rules to meet compliance, policies, and more, while also offering many other popular features.

Here are just some physician scheduling software popular features you can realize when you implement an automated scheduling system for healthcare providers in the ER.

1. Management of Requests

Shift scheduling software streamlines requests and provides a centralized location for schedulers to submit and manage doctors' schedule change requests. And, depending on the setup of the program, requests might also be approved automatically according to a set of rules you define or they might require your approval first.

Sophisticated physician scheduling software brings added efficiency and transparency to the management of requests to decrease your burden, support schedule equity for vacation time and holidays and promote physician work-life balance.

2. Distribution of Fair Shifts

Distribute weekends and nights evenly by contract, tenure, and more. Ensure the most challenging shifts are the first to be filled by prioritizing shifts and set limits on requests for time off. Use flexible rule settings to minimize open shifts with more autonomy and options in schedule completion. You can keep better track of holiday’s worked by staff in the past to help ensure fairness in the scheduling of providers to work undesirable holidays.

3. Hours and Pay Accurately Recorded

Use scheduling software tracking and compensation management to ensure your extra hours and hourly pay are recorded accurately. Payroll-ready data can be available easily and accurately. By automating the payroll process, you can eliminate errors and reduce the chances that a healthcare provider is over or underpaid.

4. Optimization of Schedules

Optimize your schedules based on expected provider productivity and patient arrivals.

With doctor burnout rates being at an all-time high and growing projections of doctor shortages, the healthcare field is facing unique challenges, with one being the ability to deliver quality care to patients without overworking physicians and staff. Emergency medicine scheduling software allows you to prioritize your schedule rules on a granular level based on needs, policies, and preferences unique to your healthcare facility.

The world-class technology at this software’s core was designed to ensure the most important needs of ER physicians are met. As an emergency medicine scheduler, in your line of work, there’s no room for error and no time for worrying if your schedule is being utilized to its highest and complete potential. Emergency medicine scheduling software helps to take that worry off of your back, so you can concentrate on what’s most important for your ER department: the best treatment possible for your ER patients.

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