Printed schedule formats - Definitions

To help distinguish between these different calendar formats, they are referred to by the following terms:



Blank schedule: (can be Main or Site Main)

A printed Main or Site Main schedule (showing all scheduled shifts at the location or site), but with all shifts printed as a blank lines on the schedule.The definition and appearance of each of the printed calendar formats is demonstrated by samples below. The samples suppose that you are scheduling an emergency department (ER) and an affiliated urgent care clinic (Clinic), staffed by both physicians and physician assistants (PA's). ER, Clinic and PA have been established as separate 'sites' in the 'Admin' tab > 'Edit Location' > 'Schedule' section.


A sample day from a Blank Main schedule would appear as:



Main Schedule: A printed calendar that normally includes all shifts in all 'sites' in a single 'location'. If desired, main schedules can be printed across more than one page. When a location includes only one site, it is referred to simply as a Main Schedule. A Main schedule, printing all shifts at all sites and would have shifts that might appear as:


Main (all sites)


Showing all shifts and all sites. If the location has no customized sites (i.e., you are printing a Main Schedule) or you are printing a Main schedule but elected not to print the site names, the same day would be printed as:


Main (no customized sites)


Though blank lines or dotted lines could be placed between the sites to make the schedule more readable.


Note: While the Main normally prints all sites in the current location, you can exclude certain sites from the Main using the 'Select Sites' button.


Site Main Schedule: A printed calendar including only the shifts scheduled in a single site. An Urgent Care Site Main schedule, showing only the shifts scheduled in the Urgent Care for the same day as above, would be printed as:


Site Main (one site)


Individual schedule: A printed schedule showing all shifts at all sites for an individual provider. For example, printed on Dr. Smith's Individual schedule appears as: