Shift Print Settings

Specify how should your shifts be printed. The Printer Settings can be reached from the 'Scheduler' tab by selecting the 'Print Settings' option. The basic appearance of the printed schedule is that of a calendar. Similar to a calendar, the 'printed schedule' is partitioned into separate days.








Replicate Display Settings: Set the 'Print Settings' to the same values as the 'Display Settings'.


Auto by Start Time: Automatically set the format for the shifts based on the start time. The print line for each shift for the current site will be set based on its start time.


Site: (visible only if you are using sites) If you divided your current scheduling location into 'sites' within the 'Admin' tab > 'Edit Location' option > 'Schedule' section, this information is customized specifically for each site. It displays the Site name that you selected for each shift from the 'Shifts'.



PRINT DOTS: Displayed to the left is a separate column labeled 'PRINT DOTS', which you can use to select which lines, if any, you desire a string of dots printed if the lines are not used to print a shift in a day. This feature can but used to add clarity to your printed schedule by creating a divider to separate different sections of the schedule. Click the check boxes to check or un-check the line numbers matching those that should use the dotted line. This option is made available to help improve the clarity of your printed schedules.


The 'Day types' will display the shifts in order. If you need to add, edit or delete a shift, click on the menu located next to the shift name to modify the shift.