Propose schedule change

This option lets you propose a schedule change as an administrator or for yourself as a provider. You have the option to choose from 'Propose a schedule change' or 'Certify a schedule change'. The schedule will be changed once; the other involved provider accepts the schedule change within the 'My Proposals' screen. To email your proposal to all or limited individuals: your email proposal is automatically generated, and cannot be edited. If you wish to add any comments about the Certify schedule change or proposal, please enter them in the 'Comment' area.



  1. Select the shift you would like to 'give', 'take', 'trade' or 'split' for a provider or for yourself

  3. Click on 'Propose or certify change'


Schedule change

Propose a schedule change: If you have not discussed the change with the other providers involved, or if you want to list the shift in the 'Swap Meet'.


Certify a schedule change: If the change is already agreed upon by all parties that are involved, email notifications will be sent to all of the parties who are involved in the schedule change. The provider may require administrator approval before the change takes effect.


Select user proposing the change

Myself: I am or will be assigned as a provider to one of the shifts involved in the proposal.


Provider: I am acting on behalf of this provider. I am not and will not be assigned as a provider to any of the shifts involved in the proposal.