New Version

Creation a new version of the schedule based on the current version.



1. Version purpose: There are 4 versions to choose from: 'Working revision', 'Requests', 'Draft', and 'As-scheduled'




Working revision: This version allows you to continue working on the schedule without the providers having access.


Requests: Publish the schedule for providers to enter in their time off due to vacation and other obligations.


Draft: Post the schedule to review a proposed 'Draft' schedule before the schedule is finalized.


As-scheduled: Publish the up to date schedule for providers to view, make schedule changes, and adjust hours.


As-worked schedule: Current changes made by providers and administrators. The 'As-worked' schedule is usually the latest version of the schedule.


Adjusted As-worked schedule: Changes were made to the schedule assignments after the grace period has expired for the 'As-worked' version of the schedule.. The changes are usually done by an administrator (e.g., for payroll purposes) and the administrator wants to preserve the 'As-worked' schedule without the changes applied. If there is no need to preserve the schedule without the changes, then the changes can be made directly to the 'As-worked' schedule without creating an 'Adjusted As-worked' schedule.


2. Version description: This is a required field. Enter in a title. You can name it whatever you want.



Draft, Requests, and As-scheduled versions



1. Title shown to providers: This is an optional field. You can change the title from the default to anything you want.


3. Publication: Enter in the 'Opens/Closes' dates and time. This is based on your preference. You can set it to a week or more.



4. Publication email subject: This is an optional field. A custom subject can be specified for email messages informing providers of the publication of a schedule. If no publication subject is defined, the standard 'publication subject' will be used in the publication notification emails.


5. Publication email note: You have an option to add a note to the 'Draft', 'Requests', and 'As-scheduled' publication emails. An unlimited amount of text can be entered for the publication note included in publication email notifications.