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New features -- April 2017

Posted on 4/15/2017 by ByteBloc in category: scheduling software news
  • When publishing schedules, specific provider groups can be excluded from receiving a publication notification

  • Workload requests can be exported from the edit revision screen

  • When send schedules via email to providers for draft schedule revisions, the schedules can be included in master format in addition to the preexisting ability to send them in personalized master format

  • When sending schedules via email, all of the provider can be either selected or unselected

  • Workload requests are included in printout of the request schedule

  • The bonus pay is included as a column in the hours report for locations that provide bonus pay

  • The assignment for days adjacent to the start and end of the current schedule can be shown in the revision screen

  • Administrators can either preserve or remove cycle off request when creating a new shift request that overlaps with cycle off requests

  • The name shown for providers in the cumulative summary and statistics screen can be customized

  • When a shift is split, all of the providers working the shift can be shown in the master and draft schedules.

    • The contact information for providers can be made available from the master schedule link

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