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New features -- December 2017

Posted on 12/15/2017 by ByteBloc in category: scheduling software news

Shift assignment requests (i.e., "on" requests) can be preserved when providers indicate that they are either available or need off for an entire schedule period

  • In PDF printouts of schedules that include the name of the provider at the top right of the header, the provider name is highlighted with the same color as used to emphasize the shifts assigned to the provider

    • Schedule settings for providers in the provider information screens can be copied from a provider to other providers in bulk. Additionally, specific types of settings can be copied (i.e., workloads, shift preferences, shift sequences).

  • Absolute provider pay rates can be defined to a precision of 1/10,000 of one unit of the currency specified for the payroll (e.g., 83.3333 $/hr)

  • The provider ID can be added to the payroll reports

  • In the revision screen, assignment conflicts are highlighted prominently when tool 'show conflict' is used

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