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New features -- February 2017

Posted on 2/15/2017 by ByteBloc in category: scheduling software news
  • A searchable log of emails and text messages sent to providers and user is available to location administrators

  • The payroll can include pay for user entered paid activities such as meetings, paid mileage or hotel fees

  • Publication notifications can be resent to providers and support staff

  • Specific assignments can be highlighted in the master schedule

  • When sending schedules via email, the recipients of the emails can be selected by provider group. Additionally, providers with no scheduled hours can be excluded from receiving the emails.

  • The assignments of providers to shifts can be swapped in pairs in the schedule version screen (using SHIFT+Click on the shifts to swap is supported also).

  • The addresses of locations can be excluded from the individual calendar feeds

  • The maximum number of shifts in a rows and categories in a row are available in the right most two columns in the summary for a schedule version

  • An unlimited amount of text can be entered for the publication note included in publication email notifications

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