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New features -- July 2016

Posted on 7/5/2016 by ByteBloc in category: scheduling software news

  • The payroll module supports two new options:

  1. Bonus pay can be defined on a per-shift basis for hard to fill shifts. The bonus pay is added to the hourly based pay computed for providers. For shifts that are split, the bonus pay is prorated between the providers who worked the shift.

  2. Automatic adjustments for daylight savings time. When this option is enabled, the duration of shits that straddle daylight savings time is adjusted automatically. Such shift are lengthened by one hour for the fall transition and shortened by one hour for the spring transition.
  3. Versions of the payroll for a pay period can be saved and retrieved on-demand

    • Location administrator can suppress emails normally sent to all providers when proposals are submitted to the swap meet that are marked 'urgent'. The option is set in the location screen, Schedule tab.

    • Execution of schedule change proposals can now occur automatically upon acceptance by the recipient of the proposals without a confirmation from the provider who created the proposal. Automatic execution of proposal is available for both user directed and swap meet proposals as long as the outcome of the proposal in not ambiguous and there are not other pending proposals for the same shifts.

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