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New features -- July 2017

Posted on 7/15/2017 by ByteBloc in category: scheduling software news
  • Shifts requested by more than one user are listed when approving the requests in bulk

  • Cycle requests and assignment can be reapplied for specific providers

  • Schedule changes that arise from the execution of a change proposal are identified as such in the schedule change screen

  • The selection of sites to show in the schedule is preserved while navigating to other pages from the revision edit screen. Upon return to the revision screen , the sites shown will be as selected previously.

  • When accessing the provider settings screen from the revision screen, providers who have a "Can't Do" preference for all sites currently shown in the revision are not shown.

  • A numeric code can be associated to pager numbers

    • The comment for a schedule change proposal can be revised from the proposal summary

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