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New features -- March 2017

Posted on 3/15/2017 by ByteBloc in category: scheduling software news
  • When assigning providers from the provider popup in the revision screen, the provider popup will remain open when a provider is assigned using a CTRL+Click combination

  • The creation of schedule change proposals that would result in a conflict can be prohibited

  • In-row statistics can be include or excluded from the revision summary

    • In the home screen of the mobile application,both recently completed shifts are upcoming shifts are listed. Recently completed shifts allow navigation to the master schedule for the day of the shifts.

    • The menu for the mobile application includes icons summarizing visually the function for each menu item

    • The master, individual, and request calendars in the mobile application include a means to switch to the prior or the subsequent schedule from the one being shown. Additionally, administrators can select the provider for the schedule.

    • In the mobile application, the swap meet can be visualized either as a calendar or as a list of shifts

    • Paid activities allow to enter kilometers as a unit

    • Future off requests can be made as either Need off or Wish off

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