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New features -- November 2016

Posted on 11/15/2016 by ByteBloc in category: scheduling software news

  • Schedules can be set to end on a custom date, independent of the normal schedule duration configured for the location

  • The start and end time for shifts can be modified for either a entire schedule or a subset of a schedule

  • Sick calls can be recorded with 1-click in the shift assignment and adjustment screen

  • Adjustments (e.g., sick calls) can be tracked by hour and shift in the statistical summary

  • A default bonus pay can be defined at the level of a shift. The default bonus pay carries over to the corresponding shifts in each new schedule.

  • The staff list can be filtered by provider group. The filter is available from the funnel icon on the top left of the staff table.

  • In the schedule revision screen, providers listed in the shift detail popup can be organized by provider group. This options is available in the location screen, schedule tab. When providers are organized by provider group, each provider group becomes a heading in the shift detail popup with the providers in the group listed in alphabetical order by print name under the heading.

  • An address can be defined for locations and sites

  • An opt out for notification of closed urgent swap meet proposals is available in the user options screen

  • Text message can be broadcasted to providers with  verified mobile numbers from the messages screen

  • An attachment can be added to email messages broadcasted to providers from the messages screen

  • A custom subject can be specified for email messages informing providers of the publication of a schedule. If no publication subject is defined, the standard publication subject will be used in the publication notification emails.

    • Request for assignments to shifts by providers can be disallowed at the level of a location. When requests for assignments to shifts are allowed, request conflicts (i.e., requests for the same shift by different providers) can be either shown to or hidden from the provider.

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