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New features -- October 2016

Posted on 10/15/2016 by ByteBloc in category: scheduling software news

  • When printing the master schedule, the highlight of shifts assigned to the provider currently selected can be turned on or off. To turn the highlighting off, clear the provider selection prior to printing the schedule.

  • The read only master schedule available from the "Link to the master schedule" in location screen can be printed by using the print icon at the top right of the schedule.

  • In the schedule revision screen, the tools to edit the scheduler and provider comment, view individual schedules, manage requests, view conflicts and view hot spots are available in the floating toolbar. Additionally, keyboard shortcuts are available for these tools: Scheduler comment (CTRL+1), Provider Comment (CTRL+2), Individual schedule (CTRL+3), View conflicts (CTRL+4), View hot spots (CTRL+5), and Maximize/minimize schedule (F11).

  • In the manage request view of the schedule revision screen, the provider currently selected can be locked to a shift through the menu for the shift or shortcut L+click. Additionally, shortcuts are available in the view to mark a provider as Need off (N+click), Wish off (W+click), and Available (F+click).

  • User who work at multiple groups or locations can set their preferred location in their profile. The preferred location is automatically selected upon login.

  • Users without any privilege and who are not providers are now considered support staff

  • In addition to the provider availability matrix, the availability report now includes itemized requests. The itemized requests are available when option "Include itemized requests" is selected in the report options screen. The itemized requests are added to the excel report as a tab named "Itemized requests".

  • Providers can edit their personal comments from either request, draft, master or individual schedules. In all cases, the personal comments carry over (e.g., from the request schedule to the master or individual schedule). The comments can be edited by using the comment tool at the right of the floating toolbar for the schedule.

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