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What you're losing by not using hospital scheduling software

Posted on 9/14/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Hospital medicine has a very uncommon scheduling system for the various medical specialties. Shift scheduling that maintains fairness to all doctors, nurses and other staff as well as maintains continuity of care is essential. Traditional scheduling and staffing models rely on managers to handle the job manually. This can be long and tedious and leaves too much room for error. It also leaves little room for employee engagement and input.

Hospitals not only use physician scheduling but also:
- Clinics
- Acute care
- Long-term care
- Nursing homes
- Behavioral health
- Assisted living
- Skilled nursing facilities
- Rehab hospitals

By not using emergency medicine scheduling software, you're losing out on these and many other things.

Saving Time

Scheduling software provides you with features and tools to create and publish schedules quickly. Templates, standard shifts and other features, you're able to create a physician schedule in minutes.

Reducing Turnover

Design schedules around the preferences of your staff. Your employees can request time off, availability changes and swap shifts with other co-workers.

Controlling Labor Costs

Avoid scheduling your employees into potential labor and law breaches with automatic alerts. Set labor budgets while you're creating the schedule and use it as your guide to avoid overstaffing.

Staying Notified

Ensure your employees know exactly when they're scheduled to work. Set up mobile alerts that notify them when you publish the schedule.

Ensure Proper Staffing

Meet staff requirements with built-in tools. Properly staff your hospital by shift, department, skill, position, or location. Scheduling software can help with special rules set for work shifts such as:

- Working nights after a series of day shifts
- Swing shifts
- Admit shifts
- Rounding shifts

The software is built with an auto-generator to accommodate these shift patterns. It’s customizable too to match your precise scheduling requirements.

Communication with Clients and Staff

Serve the needs of your patients better with information right at your fingertips. Update patient information, change appointments quickly, and email providers appointment information to keep them informed.

Hospital scheduling software is the simplest way to schedule your hospital staff and stay in communication with them. Making sure all shifts are adequately covered is important in providing quality patient care. You must ensure you have all the right staff too such as:

- Doctors
- Nurses
- Therapists
- Technicians
- Dining
- Housekeeping
- Support staff

Schedule your staff by department, job, location, position, shift, and skill. Your schedule also needs to account for staff requests and availability, patient activity or count, overtime, labor budgets and other schedule factors.

No matter what challenges you have with your physician scheduling, this software is an integrated solution that takes all your factors into account while letting you optimize resources so you meet all employee and patient goals. Shift scheduling software improves satisfaction and efficiency among staff.

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