Define Provider Rate

Defines the rates that apply for each provider for the pay categories. Entry of payroll information is optional. If your schedule does not require these features.The 'Define Provider Rate' screen is comprised of a varying number of columns, with the actual number determined by how many separate pay categories you have defined for your schedule. You can add other payroll columns as needed. The available pay categories for these columns are selected from your existing 'Categories' that count hours (not shifts).




Copy Provider: Copy the rate values for a provider to one or more other providers.


Copy Category: Copy the rate values for a pay rate category to another rate category. You can copy that rate to all providers in that payroll category that do not already have a value entered.


Provider: The printed names of the 'Active' providers will be listed.

Regular Base pay: Most non-academic medical care providers are reimbursed for their services at an hourly pay rate depending upon the number of hours that they work providing care. The hourly pay may be fixed rate for each hour that is worked, or the pay may vary depending upon which shift or which time of day is being worked. If the pay rate varies, it is often a multiple of some fixed minimum value. ByteBloc payroll calculations require that a 'Base Pay rate' be entered for all providers. Worked hours that do not otherwise fit into another payroll category are automatically calculated for reimbursement at the 'Base pay rate'.

Pay Category Hours: Either an 'Absolute' hourly rate, or a 'Relative' value x(1.5) entered as a multiplier of the base rate.


When payroll is generated, any worked hours that do not fall into one of the added categories will be classified as 'Base Pay' hours and paid at the 'Base Pay rate'. When a payroll summary is created, each worked hour (or portion of an hour) is included in exactly one payroll category so that worked time will not be paid from more than one category.