Designate Holidays

Identifying any holidays in the current schedule is an optional part of preparing for scheduling. If you simply want the holidays labeled on your schedules, the 'Designate holiday' option allows you to create and edit the holidays in your schedule.


Holidays are designated by:


  1. Clicking on the menu of the day in the schedule that you wish to identify as a holiday by selecting 'Designate holiday'.

  3. Entering a holiday name up to eighteen characters in length.

  5. Marking the shifts in the day as holiday shifts. The 'Designate Holidays' feature can be used to label a day (such as a provider meeting day) by typing the desired name (for example, MD MEETING). This leaves the desired MD MEETING label for the day but without any holiday shifts to include in holiday summaries. Using 'Designate Holiday' creates a label at the top of the day next to the date. If you prefer, you can instead indicate a meeting with a comment at the bottom of the day using the 'Scheduler comment' feature from the screen (click on the pencil icon on the date of the day you want to enter a comment). You can use both the holiday and the comment options on the same day.


The schedule is displayed as a calendar view, with the 'Left most day' in the schedule depending on which day you designated in the 'Admin' tab > 'Edit Location' > 'Schedule' tab. The shift name is displayed on the line where the scheduled provider name will be displayed on the actual schedule. If you have already preset a day as a holiday in the 'Scheduler' tab > 'Manage Holidays' screen, it will calculate in the 'Summary'. Select the menu next to the number of the day to click on the 'Designate holiday' option.



1. Designate holiday: Select the menu next to the number of the day you wish to add as a holiday. Then click on the 'Designate holiday' option. A 'Designate holiday' window will open to add the 'Holiday name' and 'Holiday shifts'.




Edit existing holiday: To change the name of an existing holiday or shifts, click on the menu and select 'Designate holiday'. A 'Designate holiday' window appears containing the current name. Edit the name for the holiday, up to eighteen characters in length, then you can update the 'Holiday shifts'.




1. Remove a holiday: To delete an existing holiday, click on the menu next to the number of the day and select the 'Remove holiday' option. The holiday is automatically deleted after confirming to remove.