Hours Report

Generates a summary of worked and scheduled shifts at some or all of the locations in your group.



  1. Locations: If you have multiple 'locations' and 'sites' they'll be listed to choose from.

  3. Report period: Select your schedule range period first and then click on dates included to pick the specific date from the calendar pop up.

  5. Column order: The following statistics are available to group by, sort by, and include totals. A common report used is to group by provider and include total.

  7. Include provider ID: (Optional) This can be used as a unique identifier or you can use an employee id to track. To report, enter an external id within the 'Staff' > 'Edit User' > 'Privileges' tab for each provider.

  9. Choose your 'File type' and click on 'Run Report' to generate the 'Hours' report.