End users are managed from the 'Staff' tab. Creation of accounts, manage privileges, change password, upload users, and manage user options. All contact details are listed in the 'Staff' tab. You have the ability to compose an email message to the end user and you can click on a phone number to make a phone call using an app (Skype, FaceTime, etc..).



Single user operations

Add User: Add a new user to the selected location.



Edit User: Edit user currently selected.


User Options: Manage the options affecting the appearance of the schedule for the user currently selected


Delete User: Remove the user currently selected. You can only delete administrators and support staff end users. Providers cannot be deleted because dependent data exists.


Change Password: Changes the password for the user currently selected


Bulk user operations

Upload Users: Create or update users and providers for the current location from a spreadsheet


Manage Privileges: Manage privileges for all users


To deactivate a provider

You cannot delete provider accounts due to existent data. However, you can deactivate provider accounts.


To reactivate a provider


To download a list of end users: Click on the 'Exports the table to a spreadsheet' icon


Note:The external IDs for providers are included in the staff export to Excel.


Sort: You can sort the list by any column just click on the column heading. If you are looking at the people by priority then sort by last name, if you are looking at all accounts for the same person then sort by first name.



Compose email: Select an email address within the 'Email' column. Your default mail program will compose an email message with the end user's name you've selected in the 'To' field.