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A healthy bottom line begins with employee scheduling software

Posted on 10/6/2016 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Managing a medical practice requires you to first make sure you have enough physicians to cover all intended shifts so that your patients are well cared for. This has a big impact on your healthy bottom line, ensuring your medical practice is successful, but that you can also be there for your patients. Employee scheduling software helps you to get to the next level and organize the entire scheduling system.

Why You Should Consider Using Physician Scheduling Software?

First of all, you might be wondering about the main purposes behind using physician scheduling software. Some medical offices simply have a medical office manager handle the schedules and email them to their doctors or hand them out at the end of the week. While this might be working okay for you, there is a better way to do it. Using a scheduling program provides more than just scheduling; it provides you with organization, customization, and altering of schedules when needed. Here are some additional benefits of using this type of program:

The office manager has more time for other tasks. When you use software that lets you schedule physicians automatically with the program, it frees up more time for the office manager and other administrative staff. This allows them to focus more on other parts of running a medical office, which allows everything to run more efficiently in the office.

It allows doctors to work normal hours without too much overtime and takes into account shift scheduling. It can be easy to accidentally schedule one doctor for too many hours while another doctor isn’t working enough hours. While your original schedule was probably even across the board, a physician might call in sick, change their hours, or trade shifts with someone else. A scheduling program simplifies this process and allows up-to-date tracking whenever a change occurs.

It provides an easy way to prepare payroll. When payroll time comes, you can easy use your program to find out the hours each physician worked and create payroll statements automatically. Send the reports to your accountant or human resources department, and it couldn’t be easier.

Special Features of Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling programs have a lot of special features that provide even more benefits for getting a healthy bottom line for your practice. For example, they often include emergency medicine scheduling, which allows last-minute changes to the schedule to accommodate emergencies that might come up, either with doctors or patients. You can also use the scheduling program to let doctors communicate with each other when deciding on shift changes. Other special features include:

* Managing shifts at multiple office locations
* Viewing a schedule from any device
* Making changes remotely
* Importing and exporting physician schedules

Train all of your staff to use the new scheduling software, and you will be well on your way to having a healthier bottom line in your medical practice. What could be better than having a healthy bottom line for your practice and healthier patients?  

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