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Benefits of a Healthcare Schedule Maker for Urgent Care Centers

Posted on 3/24/2021 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Demand for urgent care is increasing all over the country because of the increased awareness of urgent care centers and also the COVID-19 pandemic. If you think about it, this makes sense. Individuals are wanting to be tested and urgent care centers are locations where you can simply walk up and request one without needing an appointment.

Not just that, urgent cares are also like emergency departments where patients drop in without predicaments. There are an ebb and flow of patients and more. Moreover, patients don’t want to wait -- whether that’s for weeks or months to see their primary care physician. With urgent care, they can walk right in and be seen, often within a matter of minutes. What's more, urgent care centers often provide their wait times on their websites, so patients know when they should arrive to realize the shortest wait.

This makes physician scheduling more demanding. To streamline the scheduling process, however, a healthcare schedule maker can help. Below are the benefits of using emergency medicine scheduling software.

1. Retain Valued Doctors

The intuitive mobile application of shift scheduling software provides your doctors the freedom to:

• Trade shifts
• Call out
• Communicate with their managers

And, they can do this in real-time. Keep your doctors in control and informed while you reduce the time spent generating and managing their schedules. Custom reporting and support ensure your team of doctors seamless adoption to an improved and new, more effective way of scheduling they'll be happy to use.

2. Streamline the Scheduling Process

With physician scheduling software, you can:

• Manage last-minute schedule changes in real-time, notifying doctors automatically via email, mobile, or app.
• Seamlessly create conflict-free schedules that are based on doctor skills, availability, and sales trends.
• Sync relevant doctor data for optimized reporting, monitoring, and transparency across your organization.

3. Plan Doctors Schedules in Advance

Your priority should be to ensure all shifts are covered and each one of your doctors gets enough rest time. Of course, you'll always have emergencies, but maintaining a predictable and stable doctor schedule as possible can help your doctors perform their best work. This is where a healthcare schedule maker can help.

Keep in mind, urgent care practices usually offer more extended hours than a traditional primary care physician's office, as they are often open in the evenings and even weekends.

4. Offers Real-Time Status

With scheduling software, you can ensure 24/7 coverage. Updates and changes are made and communicated in real-time and seamlessly, so neither you or your doctors miss anything. Moreover, the software provides a concise overview of doctors' availability, keeping you from overlapping any time off requests.

5. Provides Updated Mobile and Online Schedules

Scheduling software provides 24/7 mobile and online access to personalized schedules. It helps to maintain up-to-date and accurate schedules and provides automatic notifications when the schedule is published.

6. Coordinates With Multiple Provider Locations

You can coordinate doctor schedules in multiple locations too. This is particularly key as more urgent care centers are joining networks for providing patient care.

If you’re using spreadsheets or antiquated methods to schedule your urgent care physicians, you stand to see the above benefits and more by implementing physician schedule software.

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