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Benefits of a seven-on, seven-off hospitalist scheduling program

Posted on 1/24/2024 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
With each passing day, physicians play an essential role in delivering healthcare services and providing comprehensive and quality care to patients. However, scheduling can be a headache with the number of hospitalists present in hospitals. Efficient staffing and emergency medicine scheduling of hospitalists is essential to ensure optimal patient care and staff satisfaction. Physician scheduling eliminates slow work processes and keeps things moving smoothly and efficiently.

It is, therefore, no wonder that many healthcare facilities are opting to abandon the traditional or pen-and-paper scheduling method, moving towards more functional methods like adopting emergency medicine scheduling software.

One popular scheduling model recently gaining traction is the seven-on, seven-off hospitalist scheduling program. The implementation of a seven-on, seven-off hospitalist scheduling program offers numerous benefits for both patients and healthcare providers.

Benefits of the seven-on, seven-off shift scheduling option.

What is the Seven-On, Seven-Off Scheduling Program?

The seven-on, seven-off scheduling program is a type of physician scheduling program where physicians and medical employees are on duty for a week and off-duty the following week.

While this method has different variations, the idea stays the same; seven days on duty and seven days off duty. Healthcare staff and physicians can choose if the weeks follow each other simultaneously or are separated by an on-duty week.

According to a recent study, over 50% of adult health workers prefer the seven-on, seven-off hospitalist program, and bigger hospitals are employing this scheduling method more.

Benefits of Choosing a Seven-On, Seven-Off Hospitalist Scheduling Program

The benefits of choosing a seven-on, seven-off scheduling program for your healthcare facility include:

Common practice

• The seven-on, seven-off scheduling program has become common among physicians and other hospitalist groups. Many healthcare sectors have recognized the effectiveness of this model and adopted it as a standard scheduling option. As a result, hospitalists who are familiar with this scheduling system see this as a factor for many physicians looking for new facilities to work in after a move without disruptions.

No more strenuous calls

• A key advantage of a seven-on, seven-off hospitalist scheduling program for emergency medicine scheduling is the elimination of strenuous calls. Traditionally, hospitalists were subjected to long stretches of continuous work, often including overnight shifts and weekend duties. This can lead to the physician’s physical and mental exhaustion. By implementing a seven-on, seven-off model hospitalist scheduling program, physicians can work for seven days, followed by seven days off.

Improves staffing for rural areas

• Getting skilled and experienced personnel for rural areas, which usually need basic medical staffing, can be difficult. With a seven-on, seven-off schedule, physicians can plan their time better, knowing when they are headed for rural areas and when they will be back at their urban base. This creates availability periods and ensures physicians can improve their work/life balance.

Improved physician work-life balance

• The physician’s work-life balance has always been a concern in the medical administration field. Due to the unpredictability factor, physicians do not know when to plan for their personal and familial activities. With the seven-on, seven-off option, physicians know precisely when they are free and when not, removing the unpredictability factor.

Easy to understand

• Unlike many other scheduling options, the seven-on, seven-off option is easy to understand and operate. With a clear rotation pattern, physicians can easily plan their personal and professional commitments well in advance. Also, the consistency of the schedule ensures optimal staffing levels throughout the year. This streamlined approach minimizes scheduling conflicts and helps healthcare organizations maintain a productive and harmonious work environment.


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