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Benefits of cloud-based medical scheduling software

Posted on 7/27/2016 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
If you are always struggling with physician scheduling, you could just benefit from switching your shift scheduling over to a web scheduling system that is 100 percent cloud based. This cloud system was created using a combination of both cutting edge web and mobile technologies. It also offers many functional and usability enhancements and has mobile apps for both iOS and Android. It is turning out to be the solution that managers and schedulers need to eliminate the headaches associated with emergency medicine scheduling.

Here are some benefits of cloud-based medical scheduling software.

Easy Installation

Nowadays, web apps (cloud-based programs) are becoming even more popular than desktop applications in some situations. You no longer have to save important files or install programs to your computer. When you use the cloud-based application, your employee schedule is stored remotely making it easier to access.


Physician scheduling software automates the scheduling process which saves you significant time. You only have to input staff members’ preference once and each week when it’s time for a new schedule, the cloud-based scheduling program automatically takes those preferences into account. This allows you to focus your time on other important medical tasks.

Always Receive the Latest Upgrades

Your cloud-based physician scheduling software stays bug free and current all year long with small periodic upgrades. These upgrades are done in the background and will not impact your schedule or interrupt your work. Upgrades are always free too.

You can now access your emergency medicine scheduling software from the internet instead of dealing with complicated installations, maintenance, upgrades or in-house servicing. In fact, all these types of things are handled through the support staff of the cloud-based system and don't have to be dealt with by your IT staff.


Medical staff can now make last-minute changes to their shift on their own. Instead of having to get ahold of you or another manager to change or cover their shift, email all staff, or try to find a replacement, employees can now use the cloud-based tools to connect with other staff members behind-the-scenes to get their own shifts covered. They can do this through in-app messaging so you won't be bogged down with unnecessary requests.

24/7 Accessibility

You have 24/7 access to the cloud-based medical scheduling software to manage your schedule no matter where you are. You can view multiple doctor offices, facilities and provider schedules side-by-side so you can quickly find an available appointment. You can use customizable event types, multiple facility management and blocked time to replicate your current workflows.

Medical staff members will typically have questions about their schedules once they have already been printed. Now, you can simply give staff members their own logins so they can view their schedules anytime, anywhere. You can set up emails, push notifications or SMS to be automatically delivered to employees once their schedules are ready to view.

Cloud-based shift scheduling is becoming the preferred option for many medical facilities, hospitals, and doctor's office.

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