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Benefits of on call scheduling software

Posted on 5/19/2021 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
There are many benefits associated with scheduling on call providers for your emergency medicine clinic, hospital, or other medical facilities. One of the most important benefits is that it creates a backup plan for when things go wrong with your carefully crafted physician scheduling charts or your standard shift scheduling efforts.

People quit. People become ill or get injured. Life happens. Sometimes the best shift scheduling is not enough, on its own, to account for all of life’s little (and not so little) emergencies. These are just a few of the benefits of using on call scheduling software as part of your backup plan.

Ensures that You’re Fully Staffed

There’s always someone available to bring in to accommodate your needs if an employee has to call out at the last minute or someone leaves your medical facility for greener pastures. With so many facilities scheduling several weeks out so that staff can enjoy better work-life balances — not to mention plan ahead for various life events — the odds of needing to rely on on-call staff are even greater.

Provides Better Continuity of Care for Patients

Not only do emergency departments operate more efficiently when you are fully staffed, but patients receive better care. This means more attentive care, shorter wait times, and fewer details are missed when providing care.

Saves Money for Your Medical Facility

The costs of bringing in last-minute substitutions from staffing services or of paying overtime to physicians and nurses to cover these shifts can be astronomical. Using on call scheduling software to schedule these shifts can reduce dependence on staffing services and the amount of overtime you ultimately pay.

Delivers Greater Job Satisfaction

By scheduling on call staff for various shifts, you’re able to schedule shifts for longer periods of time. This allows physicians, nurses, and other vital staff to enjoy a greatly improved work-life balance and that keeps them satisfied with their jobs. In turn, the entire emergency medicine scheduling process reduces staff turnover and helps your emergency department or facility operate more smoothly.

The benefit of using on call scheduling software to do all this is that you can create in a manner of seconds what would have taken days to accomplish otherwise. You can even account for things like holidays, weekends, and high-volume times in your facility as well as for union compliance, overtime reduction, and more. This frees up your administrators to do the jobs they were hired to do while ensuring your facility is adequately staffed for whatever comes your way. Further, when you use physician scheduling software, you can integrate payroll, which makes the system even more robust.

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