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Benefits of using a healthcare schedule maker for scheduling nurses

Posted on 5/2/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Managing any staff is without a doubt a huge challenge, however, nursing has its own unique challenges and scheduling for them is especially hard. This is because emergency medicine requires an around-the-clock nurse schedule with 24/7 coverage, unlike other industries where the employees are hourly.

When you can't schedule your residents effectively, you're not only losing a lot of money every year, but you also end up with a low nurse retention rate. Not to mention, poor physician scheduling leads to employee frustration and low morale.

So, what can the scheduling administrator do to turn the complex process of unorganized Excel spreadsheets or pen and paper schedules into an easier, streamlined process? The answer is shift scheduling software. Here are some of its benefits.

All-In-One Management Platform

With a healthcare schedule maker, you can access your staff directory, department schedule and change shift requests by mobile app or desktop. Physician scheduling software allows you to stay on top of whose working and address all staffing needs and pending shift change requests all from one easy platform. You also have the ability to track expiring credentials.

Create Schedules Easily and Quickly

Easily assign shifts with drag-and-drop capability, copy or move assignments for your nurses or mark time-off. Track all vacation, sick time, training and other off-work requests.

- Avoid Scheduling Conflicts
- Detect any type of schedule conflicts such as:
- Lacking required skills
- Overlapping shifts
- Too many overtime hours
- Not enough rest between shifts

The emergency medicine scheduling software flags and color-codes any conflict clearly on schedule views.
Multiple Location Scheduling

Schedule shifts for nurses and other medical staff in multiple areas and locations. You may define as many departments or locations as you want, authorizing your residents to work at specific locations. Sort and filter reports and work schedules based on locations.

Provide Staff with More Flexibility

Give your nurses more independence and flexibility by allowing them to request shift swaps and trades on their own. This keeps you from having to micromanage them and takes some of the workload off you.

Comply with Collective Agreements and Labor Rules

Ensure compliance to:
- HR policies
- Collective bargaining agreements
- Working time and labor regulations

Use multiple criteria for narrowing down the number of eligible physicians, nurses and other staff when filling an open shift.

Nurse scheduling is complex work. You have so many variables involved. But, a healthcare schedule maker provides you with endless options of customizing your schedule process whether you're scheduling rotation work shifts, eight, ten or 12 hour shifts, on-call "floater" open shifts or recurring shifts.

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