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Best ER physician scheduling software features

Posted on 4/29/2021 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Emergency rooms get a constant influx of patients on a daily basis. To serve all these patients, ER departments employ a huge staff from physicians to nurses to surgeons to other healthcare staff.

If you're the scheduling manager of your ER, you know the difficulties it can be to generate schedules successfully for the entire healthcare team. You need to make sure you're fully staffed while you also attend to the professionals' needs. It can be overwhelming having to try and juggle all this. With physician scheduling software, you can help streamline this process. Some of the best emergency medicine scheduling features are:

1. Automation

The shift scheduling software should automatically create your schedules for your physicians and allow everyone immediate access to the schedule in real-time. After the schedule has been generated, it can be modified easily to meet individual requirements. There is no need for manual excel spreadsheet or sending of attachments. Also, all recipients can view the schedule via their smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, or laptops.

2. Future Time Off and Shift On/Off Requests

The best physician scheduling software offers these features:

• Online time off, vacation and shift requests
• View of shift requesters and availability
• Ability to Enter future shift requests and confirm requested shifts
• Ability to record shift preferences as wish off, need off, etc.

3. Fast Communication

To create an ER schedule successfully, communication is important. If your healthcare staff's needs and your needs aren't addressed properly, huge problems could eventually arise. A high-quality ER scheduling software helps to ensure the individuals you're making schedules for are available during specific times. Your doctors can also communicate their needs using the scheduling software with you.

4. Proposals for Shift Changes and Swap-Meets

The best ER physicians scheduling software:

• Allows doctors to trade, give away and split shifts
• Offers downloading of as worked schedules to report for payroll
• Provides swap-meet for a centralized list of shifts
• Perform all functions online or use a mobile app

5. Enables Schedule Exporting to Mobile Devices

Providing doctors the choice to export their schedule to their smartphones or other mobile devices and also to their calendars automatically eliminates errors that are often made when they copy schedules by hand.

ER scheduling is a greatly complex system and becomes more complex as the days move forward. Because you have more groups you have to juggle, emergency room schedules are more complex than other healthcare fields. So, it's important you keep your physician scheduling system organized and if at all possible — automated.

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