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Best physician scheduling software features

Posted on 10/3/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Managing a healthcare operation calls for a lot of responsibilities. You have to take care of your own practice, the hospital and in some cases other medical facilities, like a surgery center or clinic. Of course, ultimately you have to take the needs, health, and safety at the top of your responsibilities list.

In order to take care of all these responsibilities, you need to be organized. Scheduling your staff and your own time is an important role. But, you really don't have the time to develop a schedule manually for hours.

Creating and managing hospital and office physician schedule requires the utmost efficiency no matter if you're managing a:

- Hospital
- Medical office
- Medical center
- Home health service
- or Another medical care facility

Physician scheduling software is a powerful scheduling tool that saves you time and money and allows you to customize the schedule to meet your needs. It frees up your time so you can focus on your patients.

Here are some features of emergency medicine scheduling:

- Create Schedules Easily
- Drag-and-drop features allow you to easily assign shifts, copy or move assignments, and mark time-off
- Track all vacation, training, off-work requests and sick leave.
- Schedule Sharing
- Avoid Scheduling Conflicts 

Identify and alert all types of schedule conflicts like:

- Physician lacking specific required skills
- Overlapping work shifts
- Excess overtime hours
- Not enough rest time between shifts
- The software will clearly flag or color-code any conflict on schedule views. 

Shift scheduling software provides health systems and hospitals controlled visibility of schedules across service lines or departments to facilitate team transparency and communication. It increases coordination greatly, providing real-time schedules to doctors that need them.

Clinical users have an integrated mobile experience, including calendar application integration of choice like iCal, Outlook or other platforms. Physician scheduling software could and should be a 100 percent mobile experience for all team members.

Efficiency in Scheduling Assignments

- Virtually assign duties, breaks and tasks within each shift of any length from a minute to a few hours with a simple drag-and-drop.
- Up-to-Date Employee Skill Level, Availability and Expiration

Doctors can eventer their availability data for each day and restrictions that you should consider when you create and manage the schedules. Avoid under/over staffing a shift with doctors you require by skills and receive an alert when a doctor's certification or skill is about to expire.

Bottom line: Emergency medicine scheduling software streamlines physicians and other types of staff scheduling, translating to better care for the patients and less unnecessary overtime, while assuring all doctor's needs are met.

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