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Boost patient satisfaction through physician scheduling software

Posted on 10/18/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Some healthcare facilities are abandoning the spreadsheets, calendars, highlighters, and sticky notes that are the pillar of manual scheduling. Now more scheduling administrators are getting their hands on shift scheduling software and with good reason.

Most if not all healthcare practices, clinics and hospitals start their day managing their schedules with the best intentions. However, most of them wind up needing more time than they have allotted for their patients and end up trying to squeeze extra patients into a full and already busy schedule.

This leads to frustration, inefficiency and patients kept waiting. Below are reasons physician scheduling software will help boost patient satisfaction.

Smart Resource Management

With scheduling software, you can now easily build your schedule with transparency, fairness, flexibility, and high quality. The software's interactive and innovative emergency medicine scheduling engine will solve conflicts as you build the schedule, resulting in a schedule that maintains adequate coverage, reduces labor expenses, and improves performance.

A more efficient way to schedule nurses, physicians, and other healthcare staff, scheduling software provides you with easy-to-use tools that facilitate the schedule making process, communications, and pay calculation. It improves workplace morale and employee retention while saving time in schedule preparation.

Variability in Shifts

Whether it's night, evening, daytime, weekend, teaching or non-teaching, not all physicians can do all shifts. Shift scheduling software helps devise the rules and weigh them by priority. It applies different rules your healthcare facility identifies like not scheduling a physician on-call for consecutive shifts and assesses which schedule is best given the restrictions you feed into it. Think of it like the approach an airline would take to populate seats.

For instance, you can feed patient demand and projected physician supply into the software as well as the need for more booked appointments during an expected busy time such as flu season. The scheduling software then uses artificial intelligence to recognize the most optimal schedules and build them.

Automated Patient Reminders

Your physician scheduling program allows you to collaborate with other third-party reminder solutions so you can reduce patient no-shows by sending out automated reminders. Using automated solutions, you can consider patient communication preferences, and maximize patient response rates while saving staff time.

Mobile Apps

With mobile apps, your healthcare team can trade shifts and fill holes in the schedule from anywhere at any time. Making quick schedule changes are now simple.

Scheduling software takes into account all rules to auto-populate a schedule that's free of errors. You have at your disposal advanced reports and tools to authenticate schedule fairness before you publish it. With a scheduling software program, your scheduling process will now be fair, fast, and efficient.

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