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Boosting hospitalists recruitment with a hospitalist scheduling program

Posted on 4/7/2021 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

There is a high demand for hospitalists — and the demand is outpacing the supply. It's a very competitive landscape, therefore, you'll have to entice hospitalists to come work for your hospital over others. And, there are various ways you can entice hospitals to join your hospital.

For instance, you can:

• Schedule doable, manageable workloads.
• Provide your hospitalists autonomy.
• Provide your hospitalist candidates with a detailed idea of your program.
• Consider vacation time and work-life balance.
• Identify hospitalist candidates' nonnegotiable qualities.

Along with this, you should ensure your scheduling system runs smoothly. And the best way to do this is to implement emergency medicine scheduling software. Hospitalist scheduling software benefits your hospitalists in the following ways:

1. Provides Better Optimized Schedules

Physician scheduling software could help your hospitalists set specific work hours on the days and weeks they start their rotation. It can also help optimize the schedule with uniform and variable continuity of care.

2. Divides Up Hospital Work Evenly and Fairly

Shift scheduling software is fully automated. It takes each doctor's qualifications into account, where they can work and what their previous week's schedule looked like. This will help prevent hospitalists from having to work the exact same schedule each week in the particularly stressful areas of the hospital.

3. Reduces Burnout

A scheduling program can decrease hospitalists burnout. Because hospitalists are dealing with patient satisfaction, cost containment, and reimbursement, it's critical hospitals deal with concerns involving scheduling and burnout. The best software will adapt to hospitalists' needs, ensuring they, and their patients, continue to thrive.

4. Reduces Open Shifts

Hospitalist scheduling software can decrease open shifts by first scheduling rotations and backfill with hospitalists flexible rules such as call or night shifts, for instance.

5. Allows for Hospitalists Working in Multiple Locations

Today’s hospitals are often a part of a larger network. Robust scheduling software enables you to schedule hospitalists among various facilities within a larger network organization.

6. Considers Hospitalists Preferences

By taking the hospitalists' preferences into consideration with the rule engine of your hospitalist program, the scheduling system will start becoming more consistent and will most likely be more ideal for your hospitalists. Even though you might already be doing your best to accommodate all your hospitalists' needs, physician scheduling software will make it simpler and more attainable.

7. Allows for Real-Time Views and Updates

Hospitals run on a 24/7 basis, and schedules need to be on a 24/7 basis as well, even if only on call during certain hours, such as overnight. Advanced scheduling software enables hospitalists to view their schedules anytime in real-time, and also through mobile devices, on their computers, laptops, tablets, and phones.

When you're able to meet the needs of your hospitalists, it can help create a more flexible work environment and ensure your doctors are performing during their shifts their very best.

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