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Can emergency medicine scheduling software help with forget to pee syndrome

Posted on 11/27/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Almost one million healthcare physicians aren't just afflicted with forgot-to-pee (F2P) syndrome but are also undiagnosed, according to the Journal of the American National Society, Committee, and Association of Urinary Retention and Other Things Too (JANSCAUROTT).

A study found nurses that held their pee all day because of job constraints had almost double the regular bladder capacity. While this might sound like a good thing, it can have repercussions.

You shouldn’t hold your pee all day if you can help it. This is because your bladder might not be the only thing to stretch. You could stretch your external sphincter muscles as well. These are vital muscles attached to your bladder on the outside that are the gate-keepers of your pee. When you clench and hold them you hold in your pee. When you relax them, you release your pee.

But, overstretching your sphincter muscles could cause you to lose control. While this is rare and typically takes decades of holding your pee in too long to get to this point, once you do, it could put you in some awkward or maybe even harmful situations.

For instance, you risk leaking pee when you have less overall control and you have a full bladder. You also risk not emptying your bladder completely when you do finally go. It can also increase your need to pee more frequently since you fill your bladder up more quickly and it could lead to a severe condition known as urinary retention which is when you have too much pee in your bladder for too long.

Most importantly, urinating is essential for your kidneys to filter excess waste and water out of your blood. It’s a normal body function, and should be done regularly.

Holding urine too long can also weaken your muscles, potentially causing incontinence and being unable to empty your bladder fully. If you’re unable to empty your bladder fully, bacteria can grow and lead to a urinary tract infection.

In worse cases, holding urine too long or too often can lead to kidney stones or kidney disease, and in very rare cases, a burst bladder.

How Emergency Medicine Scheduling Software Can Help

So, how can physician scheduling software help with this condition? For one, it could help you schedule more bathroom breaks for your doctors. You can schedule more doctors so it's easier for a doctor to take a quick trip to the restroom when needed, including when your organization uses shift scheduling.

By having adequate coverage at all times, your doctors won't need to feel like they don't have the time to take a bathroom break when needed. And, emergency medicine software can help automate the process. 

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