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Challenges overcome with ER scheduling software

Posted on 3/1/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Emergency rooms are arguably one of the most challenging medical specialties to schedule. This is due to many factors, such as:

- Patient flow fluctuations
- Physician preferences
- Overcrowding
- Staff shortages

Taking these factors into consideration, ER staff scheduling creation is an arduous task. Taking many hours and even days to get right, how can you overcome the challenges that scheduling a busy ER department creates? Let's take a look.


Thankfully, as technology advances, there are many new ways to ensure your scheduling is streamlined and efficient. By utilizing physician scheduling software, every staff member can view a current schedule from any browser.

In addition, staff can make trades and changes to their schedules. These are then instantly available for everyone to see. Staff also have the option of printing out their schedule should they wish.


You can easily create schedules using a customizable template. It’s also possible to manually create schedules by selecting a provider for every shift. Another plus is that using provider requests and defined schedule rules, it’s possible to create a workable timetable.


Using scheduling software, you can save hours of administrative time by tracking overtime, shift and call-in admin hours. It’s also possible to track other relevant information for reporting.

With a software program, it’s easy to create specific categories that give your staff visual cues. These can also be automatically calculated when it comes to tracking hours.


Reimbursements are tracked with documentation and using defined types for reporting.

Export to Payroll

Reimbursement information and tracked hours can be exported into payroll or other software of your choosing.


Staff receive email or text notifications whenever a schedule change affects them. They also receive reminders of upcoming shifts.

Using the software, staff can have their schedules set to automatically update their personal calendars with schedule changes.

Additionally, using an online system, crucial documents can be made available for staff to review and download.

So many challenges are swiftly dealt with by employing ER scheduling software within your department. This software is specifically designed to deal with the high levels of complexity of emergency medicine scheduling. Imagine being able to free up significantly more time by accurately and quickly creating schedules. ER communication, administration and scheduling should ideally flow easily.

When you choose to use custom software for your scheduling needs, you can say goodbye to the mountains of paperwork and the burdens involved in traditional shift scheduling. Now is the time to look into it for your ER department's scheduling needs.

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