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Challenges solved through physician schedule maker software

Posted on 12/30/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Determining a physician scheduling system that's efficient and fair isn't easy. Emergency medicine scheduling software could help solve various challenges and help you schedule your physicians and manage multiple locations more efficiently and effectively than doing it manually on paper or spreadsheets.

Shift scheduling software is loaded with powerful scheduling features, providing you with instant access to important decision-making criteria, such as:

• Regular, on-call, and overtime hours
• Staffing requirements
• Employee certifications and skills
• Labor costs
• Doctor preferences and availability

Some challenges a scheduling program can help with are:

1. Shift Change and Swap-Meet Proposals

Physician scheduling software helps you by:

• Allowing doctors to trade, split or give shifts away
• Allowing you to perform all functions using mobile apps or online
• Allowing physicians to swap-meet for a centralized shift listing
• Allowing you to download work schedule for payroll reporting

2. Advanced Scheduling Features

With doctor scheduling software, you:

• Have access to advanced features for total scheduling control
• Can post updated schedules online
• Have staging of shift balancing and doctor requests
• Have access to an automated gathering of future and on/off requests
• Have access to multiple pay structure payroll reports
• Have 24/7 real-time access to physician schedules via the web or mobile platform.
• Schedule reminder options through text or email.

3. Automated Shift Callouts

Reduce grievances, promote fairness, and stay compliant by equalizing overtime opportunities and enforcing callout rules. Receive and respond to scheduling and callout notifications through SMS texting or automated phone calls.

4. Time

It can be a very tedious process having to prepare emergency medicine doctor schedules. With hundreds of options and many considerations to think about, the job can consume multiple hours of your day easily. When you use scheduling software, however, it eliminates all the tedious work which frees you to focus on fairness and important decisions.

5. Shortages

In scenarios where a medical unit just doesn't have enough doctors to cover the schedule, a scheduling program will really come in handy. It can analyze doctor availability across your group and evaluate the best options possible to see you through complex and challenging situations with ease.

With doctor scheduling software, it’s very easy to implement any request changes quickly and create a new schedule. Through your physician schedule maker software, you simply utilize the click and drag features for different tasks and create an up-to-date schedule in minutes, not hours and hours. This saves a ton of time and stress.

6. Multiple Provider Networks

Does your provider network have multiple locations? Do your physicians work at multiple locations within your network? Physician scheduling software with advanced scheduling features can help you manage multiple locations and coordinate schedules simultaneously across your network.

All the valuable features you receive with scheduling software will help streamline the scheduling process and solve the above challenges, so you can get back to what truly matters - patient care.

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