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Combating a nursing shortage with scheduling software

Posted on 8/5/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
The American Association of College of Nursing reports that it’s anticipated that there will be a shortage of Registered Nurses (RNs) in upcoming years. This is a result of a large portion of the population, the Baby Boomers, is aging and in need of health care.

Add to the growing population of the ailing elderly the fact that nursing schools are having a difficult time meeting the demands for care that the recent reform in national healthcare has created, and this shortage of registered nurses is expected to soar.

If you are in charge of scheduling the nursing staff of a hospital or an emergency room, you’re probably feeling the effects of this nursing shortage, and it is likely having a large impact on the quality of care patients are receiving. Fortunately, there is a way that you can combat the issues that the shortage of nurses is causing - with nurse scheduling software.

What is Nurse Shift Scheduling Software?

There are many different types of emergency medicine scheduling programs, including physician scheduling software. One that is proving to be extremely beneficial for the current and projected nursing shortage is nursing scheduling software.

This software provides scheduling managers an easier way to create and manage schedules. With this software, you can create schedules for nurses across the hospital or emergency that you work for, ensuring that all areas are properly covered. In addition to making it easier to see where what areas need to be staffed, this software also makes it easier to communicate with the nurses you schedule. It also helps to quickly detect any gaps in coverage.

Here’s a more detailed look at the benefits that nursing scheduling software can provide you, the patients of the hospital or emergency room, staff and the patients of the medical facility.

Simplifies Communication

This software truly simplifies communication with your nurses. It used to be that you had to pick up the phone and dial all of the nurses on your roster if there was ever an issue with scheduling. Now, thanks to this software, you and your nursing staff can stay connected via text messaging or notifications that through the software.

Accurately and Quickly Creates Schedules

This software makes it easier than ever to create schedules for you nursing staff to free up more of your valuable time. Additionally, you’ll be able to confidently ensure that the right nurses are in the right spots.

Covers Gaps with Ease

It’s easier than ever to cover gaps in schedules, thanks to this software. You can view areas where gaps exist – and so can your nurses – and filling in those gaps is as easy as the click of a button.

Affords Self-Scheduling

This software makes self-scheduling possible. Your nurses will be able to select the shifts that they can or would like to work, which helps to reduce the stress and headaches that are often experienced as a scheduling manager.

Whether you schedule nurses for multiple sites or one hospital, it’s clear to see that nurse scheduling software offers you — and your patients — tremendous benefits.

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