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Communicating the Benefits of a Physician Scheduler to Your Doctors

Posted on 9/25/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
If your physicians are constantly complaining about their schedule, there's likely a reason. Perhaps the same doctor is always being assigned to the worst call or one doctor, in particular, doesn't ever seem to get the worst call. Maybe one doctor is always hogging all the best vacation time up before other doctors can get a chance to request it. Or, maybe your doctors are simply frustrated because they have to look at the bulletin board or sift through their email to access schedule changes.

Either way, complaints are inevitable when you manually build your schedules.

The solution: an automated physician scheduler.

So, now that you know physician scheduling software is your solution, how do you communicate the benefits of it to your doctors?

Keeping your doctors in the loop when you introduce your new emergency medicine scheduling software should help them embrace this solution when you launch it. They'll be using this new program on a daily and mission-critical manner.

You should implement shift scheduling with a focus on transparency and the individual needs of each clinical area so your doctors feel like you're hearing and addressing their concerns. Most importantly, it's essential you're clear that this implementation isn't intended for imposing a one-size-fits-all solution for all areas. But, you should be clear on the benefits.

Main Benefits of a Physician Scheduler

Shift scheduling software benefits physicians by:

1. Scheduling

The software will save you hours. It will distribute work across physicians fairly. Easily schedule doctors and other staff based on qualifications, availability and budget. Automatically send schedule details to their mobile devices.

2. Allocating Resources

Having a centralized scheduling system for managing this challenge can help smooth out the transition for scheduling resources, physicians and department administration. You health network can allocate resources more efficiently by using your growing resource pool for floating doctors across points of care and facilities to more efficiently align your staff with demand.

3. Communicating

Keep your physicians and other staff on the same page. Share important files or information and be notified when your staff reads important messages.

4. Balancing Time Off Requests

By setting specific time periods that doctors can make time-off requests, tracking the times most desirable and which doctor got it last time and limiting how far in advance doctors can make time-off requests, physician scheduling software can help prevent a lot of frustration.

5. Shift Swapping

When you have a physician that's out sick, a simple push of a button will find you a qualified replacement. Or, allow your doctors to swap shift among themselves, making life easier.

Complaints aren't a required part of the scheduling process nor should building schedules be an exercise in complaint management. When you have the right scheduling software, you can build fair on-call schedules and notify your physicians conveniently of updates. You find you’ll have less scheduling complaints, as staff will feel the scheduling process is done fairly.

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