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Decrease ED patient wait times with Emergency Room Physician Scheduling Software

Posted on 7/12/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Creating a schedule for an emergency room setting can be a laborious task for the scheduling manager. Luckily, you now have technology that continues to advance that provides you with a number of software options to help make the scheduling process easier.

These include online survey software to gain insight on your patients experience with your ER department and scheduling software to make the task of scheduling easier and more accurate to maintain patient and staff satisfaction. These options also include emergency room physician scheduling software.

ER visits are on the rise and are increasing much faster than staff can handle. When you don't have enough physicians to accommodate this increase and reduce wait times, it makes both your patients and physicians frustrated.

Your patients come in distressed about their acute health problems and when they have to endure long wait times, it can affect their care. Too many ERs are overcrowded and you need enough physicians and staff to address this concern.

Your ER doctors are committed to providing patients with high-quality care as fast as possible, but when patients have to wait to receive this care, it jeopardizes their safety. In 2011, the number of ER patients rose to around 136 million and combined with physician shortage throughout the entire ER care system, it limited the patient's access to quality and timely emergency care.

You can use your survey to gather valuable information from both staff and patients about how your ER can run more smoothly. This may be through hiring more doctors and employees so you can create a schedule that allows you to give your employees more time off to rest and recuperate, but still have adequate physician coverage to meet the needs of your patients.

How to Decrease Patient Wait Times in your ER

Emergency room physician scheduling software can help you decrease patient wait times by allowing you to:

- Access the schedule from anywhere on any browser.
-Make shift changes and trades to the schedule that employees have instant availability to.
-Track shift, admin hours, overtime, call-in and other reporting information to save administration time.
-Send email notifications to your physicians whenever there's a change made to the schedule that involves them.
-Set up automatic updates to the system for schedule changes or your personal calendar.

One of the biggest challenges in ER schedule creation is balancing the workload so that shifts are distributed fairly and equally among doctors, according to their contracts and preferences. You can send out surveys to your staff and get their thoughts on how the scheduling system works for them.

You can then use your emergency room physician scheduling software to accommodate their needs and create a more smooth flowing scheduling system that benefits your staff and your ER department.

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