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ER challenges emergency medicine scheduling software solves

Posted on 11/13/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Emergency medicine scheduling can be a complicated task requiring a lot of energy and time. Because it can be so complex, when you're in charge of schedule creation for your medical service, you might find it hard to believe that planning like this could be performed automatically using scheduling software.

To automate the schedule creation, physician scheduling software uses an algorithm that relies on various rules. These rules often reflect constraints in planning like:

- Minimum on-call coverage
- Physician absences
- Equity targets
- Shifts which certain subspecialists can only perform

Each physician group has its own set of rules, that can be set in collaboration with doctor scheduling professionals.

Some ways were shift scheduling software can help solve ER challenges are:

1. Save Labor Hours

Many ER scheduling software solutions allow you to carry over schedules easily from previous weeks, then alter them with a drag-and-drop technique. You can drag physician names onto a shift easily just by clicking the mouse. You can drag shifts from one day to the next, making the schedule simple and fast.

This helps save labor hours and money. The software even save and update automatically. Therefore, rather than searching for the save button, you can save time and prevent disasters where the schedule becomes erased accidentally before you save it.

2. Mitigates Availability Conflicts

Allowing doctors to set their own availability and collaborate on the schedule might automatically reduce schedule conflicts. Time off request errors will be reduced and physician satisfaction will increase since they can make the schedule work for their needs. When you allow doctors to work their preferred schedule, your ER department might see gains in productivity.

3. Master the Round-the-Clock Physician Scheduling Cycle

With auto-fill shift assignments and templates, you don't need to waste time trying to create a conflict-free schedule from scratch. Not to mention, your doctors will get notified instantly about last-minute changes.

4. Your Physicians Have More Power

While some may say they don't want their physicians to have power over the schedule, most will say the opposite. You want your doctors to have a little autonomy. This helps provide them with a little power. Physician scheduling software allows your doctors to make changes to their schedules when they have to.

Obviously, you'll have to set a few ground rules, like maintaining a specific number of doctors in each department at a set time. But then, the rest is up to your doctors, they could change shifts when needed and swap with others. The end result is you have more satisfied doctors and fewer things to worry about. Your physicians take care of their own schedule problems.

5. Manage Multiple Subspecialties and Locations

From hospital to clinic, doctors need to be on the go throughout the week, so they need to be scheduled accordingly. Various subspecialists might be required to perform various procedures, therefore you'll have to ensure you have adequate staffing at all times to protect patient safety.

Basically, the more complicated your schedule is, the more automated planning could save you a substantial amount of time in the planning process, all while providing your doctors with more equal distribution of shifts.

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