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ER scheduling software for better patient healthcare and decreased wait times

Posted on 6/5/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Emergency room departments are constantly under pressure to reduce their wait times. ER visits are increasing quicker than hospitals can take. Without adding more inpatient beds and attending physicians, this pressure to decrease wait times will continue to increase. ER scheduling software addresses this problem and helps optimize doctor schedules by combating two crucial factors that affect wait times: doctor availability and performance.

Benefits of Emergency Medicine Scheduling Software

1. Improves Utilization of Crucial Resources

Physician scheduling aims to improve the proper match between patient needs and healthcare resources (doctors, nurses, equipment, rooms, medicines, etc.). A good shift scheduling system not only helps to reduce patients' wait times, but also improves the utilization of crucial resources by projecting future needs for service, tracking availability of resources and automating the assignment process of resources to needs.

2. Automates the Shift Scheduling Process

ER scheduling software guides you through the execution process step-by-step and provides flexibility to choose the task assignment you want to be prioritized. The software's mathematical engine then takes the constraints and rules you provide it and goes with the best possible solution. Doctors can then swap shifts from any device which leaves them with complete control. The scheduling software can build a schedule automatically with shifts spread more out. This affects a doctor's work-life balance positively giving them more resting time between their shifts.

3. Mobile Access

ER scheduling software's mobile application provides you with immediate access to the schedules on your mobile device, be it smartphone or tablet. You can view the schedules, see who is working, make requests and sync it with the calendar on your device to keep an up-to-date schedule. Your physicians and other healthcare staff can have mobile access too.

4. Quick Request Processing

With so many physicians on the schedule, it's not a surprise the ER department manages big volumes of requests. Scheduling software allows you to process requests for shift swaps, CMEs, vacation days and more automatically. There's even the ability to specify the types of requests you want automatically approved and those you would rather review manually. The software screens each request based on your policies and rules and will block any requests violating your requirements.

If you are using antiquated scheduling methods in your emergency department to schedule physicians and other staff, it’s time to look into a better healthcare scheduling solution to decrease wait time and improve patient overall health care. ByteBloc provides scheduling software for health care providers, including emergency physicians, and takes into account important factors such as rotating schedules, shift schedules, employee preferences and more. Reach out to us to learn more or start a free evaluation of the system. 

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