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ER scheduling software improves physician on-call efficiency

Posted on 7/15/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Scheduling on-call physicians is a complicated process with many factors that need taken into account. For managers or directors responsible for arranging the schedule of on-call physicians, this process can be time consuming.

Additionally, simply scheduling physicians is not where the responsibility stops. Staff members must be kept informed on the accurate information concerning physician scheduling so they are aware of who they should contact for each patient’s individual needs.

An ER scheduling software program can accurately and efficiently manage the various factors which must be taken into account when managing shift scheduling.

Physician Preference

Each physician has individual preferences for their schedules. Using ER scheduling software allows each doctor to indicate their scheduling preferences, which are taken into account for emergency medicine scheduling.

Further, physicians can submit vacation and paid time off requests through the software, which are then taken into account when a on-call schedule is created. Staff can access their schedule online and it is automatically synced to smart phones, making it incredibly convenient for physicians to submit vacation requests, swap shifts with other physicians, and keep updated on any last minute scheduling changes.

Accurate Forecasts

A scheduling software can take into account patient census forecasts. These forecasts are created by gathering a wide range of information which affects patient census such as history, local factors, and current trends. This information is than analyzed and used to created the most accurate prediction for staff needs for each shift.

Accurate Scheduling

Accurately predicting patient forecast ensures that there is adequate coverage for each shift. Individual schedules can be altered without affecting the master schedule. Schedules are synced to smart phones, keeping all staff members informed at all times of any changes.

Decreased Workload for Staffing Managers

Performing staff scheduling by hand is an incredibly time consuming process. While most managers are able to produce accurate schedules by hand the majority of the time, human error is inevitable from time to time. Using a software for emergency medicine scheduling guarantees that the schedule is accurate every time.

What’s more, an ER scheduling software program requires much less time from the director or manager in charge of staff schedules. This frees up this manager to focuses on the many important roles associated with their job within the hospital.

Satisfied Staff

Additionally, employee satisfaction is shown to increase when schedules are accurate and staffing is scheduled according to patient load. When staff is scheduled properly, hospitals find they are able to retain quality staff and physicians because they feel their needs are met and their requests are heard concerning scheduling.

Satisfied Patients

At the end of the day, each healthcare provider wants to be sure they are providing their patients the best possible care. Because use of scheduling software decreases scheduling errors and ensures proper coverage, emergency room directors report shorter patient wait times and higher patient satisfaction scores. In today's competitive healthcare marketplace, they can make a huge difference.

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