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Features of the best doctor schedule software

Posted on 1/16/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Healthcare organizations are constantly investing in their doctors and other medical staff members, but, the tools available to them for managing how these healthcare providers are scheduled often don't take their work complexity into account. At least that was the case until physician scheduling software came into play.

Some features of the best doctor scheduling software are:

Streamlined Schedule Communication

Distribute all schedule information quickly, efficiently and automatically. Your up-to-date version of the physician schedule is easily accessible and visible to all staff and providers at any time from anywhere. Seamless on-call communication systems and integration to EMR dramatically reduce double entry. Many emergency medicine scheduling software has color coding making it simpler to sort and understand schedules more clearly.

Smart Resource Management

Build your schedule using the highest transparency, quality, fairness and flexibility possible. Scheduling software is interactive and powerful and solves conflicts as you build the schedule, while creating a schedule that decreases labor costs. It also maintains proper coverage which improves performance.


Online doctor scheduling software is web-based. So, there's no more need for posting up paper schedules that can easily become lost or damaged.

Mobile Access

Besides being available to access via the internet, shift scheduling software provides an integrated mobile experience as well to all healthcare users. The software should be completely mobile accessible for healthcare team members. Now, your team can swap or trade schedules, helping you fill gaps in the schedule through mobile apps anywhere.

Scheduling Conflicts Avoidance

Detect and alert all types of conflicts of the schedule like:
- Lacking required skills
- Overlapping shifts
- Not enough rest between shifts
- Too many overtime hours

Any conflict will be clearly color-coded and flagged on schedule views.

Schedule Sharing

Physician scheduling provides health systems and hospitals with controlled visibility to schedules across all service lines and departments to facilitate care team transparency and communication. This feature greatly improves coordination and it offers real-time schedules. It can also help for physicians to swap schedules when needed.

Publish Schedules

You can now easily publish calendars, shift schedules and any report in various formats. Email work schedules automatically to doctors and their managers.

Ensure Adequate Coverage for All Shifts

Show the number of healthcare workers or doctors scheduled in every shift by skill, position, or reason so you may quickly see if there's a shift that's under/over staffed while you make shift assignments. This is an essential feature for scheduling in hospitals, and, in particular, in emergency room departments, will patient volume can fluctuate on an hourly basis if not in a matter of minutes.

As you can see, doctor schedule software offers a number of significant benefits and handy features to help you run your medical facility more efficiently to help you provide the best patient care and physician experience as well. And, perhaps the best part of all is, this is just "some" of the helpful features physician scheduling software offers. You find these and so much more when you choose to implement doctor scheduling software in your practice.

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