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Features of the best nursing schedule software

Posted on 5/26/2021 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Nurses are integral personnel in a smooth functioning hospital, emergency room, or even doctor's office. Shift scheduling is often a headache within itself, but with a major loss of nursing staff due to the pandemic and easy-to-use scheduling software should be implemented.

Nurses and physicians work long hours, often 12-hour shifts and the last thing they want to do is spend extra time at work hunting down someone to adjust their schedule or manage requests. Using an emergency medical scheduling system will help to add morale to your medical practice.

Benefits of scheduling software

• Shift swap. We all know how unpredictable life can be, especially for those working with the general public. Accidents happen all the time which is where an easy-to-use scheduling software will help out. The software can easily allow for shift swaps among employees, ensuring the shift is covered.

• Easily fill in holes. A schedule is never filled, there are always holes somewhere regardless of the department. An emergency medical scheduling software allows nurses to easily see where an open shift is should they wish to pick up overtime.

• Assign shifts in multiple departments. When managing a multi-department schedule, it can easily get mixed up. From physician scheduling all the way through to the cafeteria workers of a hospital, someone has to make up the schedule. A well-put-together software allows for multiple locations to be added, such as emergency room staffing, labor and delivery floor nursing staff, and even pediatric nurses within a hospital.

• Avoid shift conflicts. Whether you are trying to cut down on overtime hours or simply trying to remember who works which shifts, scheduling software allows you to have the entire schedule right at your fingertips to ensure there are no conflicts. This includes overlapping shifts, an insufficient amount of downtime between shifts, or even scheduling someone on a day they have requested off.

• Streamline communication. Efficient emergency medical scheduling allows for a more direct line of communication. Employees are able to quickly send in a request-off form, update availability, and pick up extra hours when needed without having to look for the employee in charge of these tasks. Also, for the employee tasked with this job, it provides ease within their job by having all the information in one place that can be accessed on any computer with internet access, whether they be at home or at the office.

A well-put-together, easy-to-use shift scheduling software takes a load off of the shoulders of everybody involved, allowing the nursing and physician staff to focus more on the job at hand. Let’s face it, nurses and physicians hold our loved ones' lives in their hands every day, they deserve one less thing to worry about.

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