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Features of the best on call physician scheduling

Posted on 7/18/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Medical facilities have a responsibility to ensure that patients receive the medical attention they need while delivering a positive care experience. However, this is largely dependent on efficient physician scheduling.

Yes, the scheduling process is what facilitates access to medical resources within a healthcare network at the convenient times. This includes being able to schedule diagnostic testing, securing department based treatment and other making sure that patients are able to access other hospital-based services.

Why Use Shift Scheduling Software?

Whether you’re tasked with emergency medicine scheduling or creating an on-call calendar, professional scheduling software can be beneficial. When you use scheduling software it can greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to come up with individual employee schedules. If you’ve ever had to make schedules for several dozens of medical personnel then you know that this can be a time-consuming task.

In addition, physician scheduling applications allow you to come up with an effective schedule that’s tailored to the medical facility needs. By importing business data, the application is able to closely predict at what times and days the facility is likely to receive an influx of patients. The ability to predict scheduling needs will ensure that you have the coverage that’s needed.

What Is On Call Physician Scheduling?

The physician on-call schedule is perhaps the most important schedule in a hospital or clinic.The doctor is the most important staff member in the emergency department or doctor office for the following reasons:

The doctor needs to be available in every complicated procedure. Staff and patients cannot be scheduled until the doctor is accessible. Support services like Imaging and Lab aren’t effective if there isn’t a physician to analyze the results. Because the doctor is crucial to the medical process, it’s important to have a clear and concise on-call schedule. On a standard on-call calendar, is a trained medical doctors who will drop everything to come and provide medical assistance when needed.

Features of A Good On-Call Schedule

An efficient on-call schedule should take into account a number of factors including: clinical rules, human resource policies, as well as special requirements. Also, an on-call schedule should consider other important elements such as:

Days Off

There are only a specific number of doctors who are allowed to be off on a specified day. Yes, the schedule should take into consideration who can take the day off whether it’s seniority based on randomly picked.


Usually, holiday coverage is rotated annually or volunteer assignments.

Length of Schedule

The on-call schedule shouldn’t be made to far into the future because it becomes a challenge to tally sufficient scheduling.

Whether scheduling software is used or the on-call schedule is generated by a scheduler, it should always be reviwed by an experienced set of eyes.

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