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Five advantages of using MD scheduling software in busy medical practices

Posted on 5/17/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Busy medical practices present unique difficulties for scheduling managers. For example, you need to ensure that there are always enough physicians with the correct skill sets to cover all patient needs. You also need to ensure you’re consistently meeting the needs of the staff you’re creating the schedules for.

Negative issues that are well-known within busy medical practices include overworked and stresses doctors, long wait times, understaffing and more. As your medical practice grows, these issues are further compounded. Consequently, you may find it increasingly difficult to manage shift scheduling effectively.

Traditional pen and paper scheduling methods are outdated and unworkable in a fast-moving clinical scheduling environment. If you feel overwhelmed by managing your medical practice schedule, MD scheduling software is both easy and fast to use. Rather than spending hours or even days creating a workable timetable, scheduling software helps free up your time while meeting the needs of everyone involved.

The efficiency and convenience of MD scheduling software significantly cuts down scheduling hours, and include the following advantages:

1) Highly customizable. Every medical practice is unique. Using software, you can customize it to the specific needs of yours.

2) Tracking patients and managing schedules. You can manage schedules across multiple physicians, offices and weekdays. It’s also possible to fully track all arrivals and departures of patients in real time.

3) Managing time off requests. Managing time off requests is efficient, fair and easy using physician scheduling software. Furthermore, your staff has the confidence that their availability and time-off requests are always up-to-date. Employees can request time off via the software and you as the manager can ok or deny requests via the tool.

4) Filling open shifts. The schedule is run more smoothly as you can easily view each member of staff’s availability and preferences during creation. This works particularly well if you have a last-minute scheduling switch as you can easily see who’s available to cover.

5) Connecting staff. Using the software, staff can effortlessly check schedule updates, request shift trades and take open shifts via their smartphones, tablets or computers. Schedules can be checked online, emailed and printed for ease of access. There is also the option to split or swap shifts and work reminders can be distributed via email and text so everyone is kept informed of any changes.

Emergency medicine scheduling software helps you to streamline what is a painstaking and repetitive task, freeing up more time for you to get on with your other duties.

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