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Five benefits of Using a web-based physician schedule maker

Posted on 5/6/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Along with taking care of their patients regularly, many doctors frequently have hospital on-call shifts too. These types of shifts require doctors to stay ready to go and on alert to clock in at the hospital whenever there's the requirement for additional personnel. These hospitals might require the use of physician schedule maker software to see and manage everyone on call during certain shifts to effectively call in the right person.

If you’ve never used emergency medicine scheduling software, you may not realize how simple and user friendly it is to use. Once you’ve scheduled a demo and see how it works in action, you’ll realize on-call shift scheduling, for example, will become a whole lot easier and more efficient than if you were to continue creating the schedule with spreadsheets and pen and paper.

Benefits of Using Web-Based Physician Scheduling Software

Some benefits of using scheduling software are:

1. Creates On-Call Shifts Effectively

With scheduling software, you can configure and create the required shifts for scheduling on-call doctors effectively. Through the use of the physician schedule maker, you can customize:

• How long shifts will stay in effect
• The length of on-call shifts
• The certain weekdays they apply to

2. Provides Easy Accessible

Physician scheduling software is available 24/7. You can access it from any device that's linked to the internet, like your smartphone or a tablet. This will allow your physicians to access their individual schedules whenever they need to. And, it allows scheduling changes and updates in real-time.

3. Offers Simplified Creation of Schedules

Emergency medicine scheduling software makes the schedule creation task a simple one. It provides easy access to physicians' availability as well as their time off requests all in one solution. It allows you to see previous schedules. When you have this data readily available, you can easily create schedules that will genuinely:

• Meet your doctors' needs
• Improve their productivity
• Improve their work-life balance
• Improve patient care

4. Saves Time and Money

Using shift scheduling software can help save you money and time on the tedious task of having to create doctor schedules, whether they're in a specialty practice, ER department or another hospital sector.

Facilities can use this effective tool for obtaining time off requests, allowing the doctors to schedule themselves extra shifts or trade shifts. Depending on the type of software you choose, you can track when your doctors clock in and out for payroll and accountability purposes.

5. Assigns Shifts to Physicians

After you get the doctor roster in the software and you've created the shift times and thresholds, you can start assigning doctors specific shifts. All you need to do is choose the doctor for a specific shift on a particular date and assign the shift to them using the software.

If these benefits would help your medical practice or hospital scheduling be more efficient, it’s time to look into a physician schedule software. Schedule your free ByteBloc scheduling demo today.

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