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Five benefits of using anesthesia scheduling programs

Posted on 8/6/2014 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Shift scheduling for anesthesiologists is a constant challenge among hospital and emergency medicine administrators. There are so many variables, individuals, requests, and preferences involved in adequately staffing various medical facilities that it sometimes feels impossible to meet all the rules, regulations, demands, and requests of an increasingly limited number of staff members.

That’s why it is so important to use anesthesia scheduling programs – to ensure that all the necessary shifts are covered by the right people. These are five benefits you stand to gain when using software for emergency medicine scheduling, shift scheduling, and anesthesia scheduling in your facility.

1) Fair Call Distribution. For some members of staff it may feel like every single holiday or important event, they’re on call. For many of them, it may feel like every time they’re on call, the stars align against them and they’re forced to miss family time, holidays, date night plans, and episodes of their favorite television show. An anesthesia program ensures that all call scheduling is done fairly and in accordance with the policies of your facility.

2) Zero Error Scheduling. When creating schedules by hand, each error is a huge headache to repair. It often takes hours to work out the logistics of each staff member’s shift schedule and one mistake derails the work of two or more other employees in a best case scenario. Software designed for this detailed task eliminates these errors and the fallout they create.

3) Saves Time. Perhaps the biggest benefit, though, is that automated physician scheduling software saves countless man hours that could be better devoted on countless customer care providing, business building, and revenue generating activities. Can you imagine what you’d do with a few extra hours of labor each week?

4) Provides Instant Updates. When scheduling changes and adjustments are made, or even when the schedule is posted initially, it updates and notifies staff members instantly. This ensures that no one gets left out of the notification process and helps to ensure that the right people know about physician scheduling changes instantly.

5) Customizable to Organizational Policies. Scheduling policies vary greatly from one medical facility to the next. Emergency medicine scheduling programs must accommodate the various rules and regulations in order to accommodate the diverse needs of medical facilities throughout the country. Once you load the appropriate guidelines into the anesthesia scheduling programs for your facility, the program will get it right every time – until the parameters are changed or amended according to policy changes.

Does your facility spend countless hours poring over employee schedules month after month in search of a better way? Then perhaps it’s time to take the next step and adopt software to handle your anesthesia scheduling needs once and for all. Consider the benefits above and arrange for a consultation to make a change in the way you make schedules today.

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